Cornerstone Cane Corso

Breeder of The Cane Corso Italiano

About Us

          Hello my name is David  Miller and I've been a dog lover all my life. As far back as I can remember I've always wanted to read and study anything I could get my hands on about dogs. I was lucky enough to be raised on a farm here in NW Ohio by animal lovers.  I credit my parents Earl and Connie for teaching me the joy of raising animals. They were active members of the local Animal Protection League and we fostered many dogs through my childhood. There wasn't an animal they wouldn't help. I've always had a fondness for working breeds in particular. In the late 1980's I purchased my first Boxer (Tasha).  Over the next 10 years I raised and trained Boxers and will always have a great fondness for the breed. After Tasha passed I went a few years without a dog but around 2004 my life was settling down and we decided to add a dog to our family. We discovered the Cane Corso by chance and fell in love with the breed quickly. We spent the next two years researching the breed and learning as much as we could. In the winter of 2007 we purchased our first Corso, Zuma. Over the next two years we've carefully selected three other females that we feel are the right fit for our direction here at Cornerstone. We tragically lost our young male Kong ( pictured right ) in October of 2009. He was an awesome young male with such a bright future ahead of him and he will truly be missed by our family. We felt the need to move quickly to fill the void his loss left in our lives so we were fortunate enough to aquire our new boy Riddick. He like Kong is a very promising puppy and we look forward to watching him develop over the coming months.First I'd like to give credit to my better half Michelle (Shelly). She's been so supportive and understanding of me and my passion to raise this wonderful breed, and without her  none of this would be possible.  Also I would like to thank our children Brandon, Isabella, and Sonny. They are so helpfull with the training and socializing of the dogs.   We plan to become more involved with showing and other aspects of the breed over the next several years and strive to continually improve our lines until we're breeding the best Cane Corso possible.