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Breeder of The Cane Corso Italiano


Hey David,
This is Zach and Ky...just wanted to give you an update on Nelly and send ya some pics. She is a little over 4 months now and around 50 pounds and is doing great...we absolutely love her and she gets a lot attention at the dog parks because she's so beautiful. Everyone asks what breed she is and where she came from and we are so proud to say she's from Cornerstone. She is such fun loving and smart dog. Thank you so much! We will be in touch and give you updates whenever we can.      Zach Jones N. Dakota


Hi Mr. Miller

I want to let you know that things are wonderful. I named her, Karma, and she is beyond brilliant. Karma was spayed on July 27 and she also had a second procedure done to ensure she doesn't get a twisted stomach and bloat. She was able to skip puppy education and moved to beginner adult training. She graduates next week and will go to intermediate adult training. Karma is the star everywhere we go and everyone wants to take her home. I've repeated your name a million times as everyone wants to know where I got her. The head trainer told everyone that Karma had the best temperament that she's ever seen. Karma is loved by everyone everywhere I take her. Shes been microchipped and is in excellent health. I use a mixture of Innova puppy food and Nutra Ultra puppy food. Both are dry foods that she absolutely loves. She gets a dental stick every morning and treats during our private training sessions every day. A few days ago, we were in Petsmart and a guy walked up with a 2 yr old great dayne. The great dayne moved aggressively towards Karma and she bit and gave the dayne a right paw punch. The guy and I were shocked and impressed. Karma did not back down. I have noticed that she's very protective of me when we walk always putting herself between me and a stranger that may walk up.  She's wonderful with the kids and I'm so happy to have her in my family. She's shaping up to be the best dog ever......according to the trainer.  I've included some quick photos for you. I hope you're well.

Be blessed,

Demetric Glenn


     You should have seen Khe Sanh today! he honestly amazed me by his judgement and protective instinct. So I share a duplex with a really bad person(multiple warrants and drug poss). Today the cops came to get my neighbor and i was sitting inside studying with the pups sleeping. Out of no where, Khe Sanh wakes up and is on high alert staring at the door growling like he knew something was up and had to let me know! I crack open the door to peek out and the cops had not even got out the cars yet but he knew they weren't from around here and he didn't like them. Khe Sanh saw them get out their cars and moving into our yard, moving stealthy and tactical walking slow and Khe Sanh was ready to go after them to protect me ( i think he thought the people were here to hurt me!)

Once again I want to thank you for the incredible quality of dog you breed. never stops amazing me at how intelligent your dogs are and how protective Khe Sanh is of me

Eric Priest Indiana